Caring for our Community

Caring for our community

Our responsibilities stretch beyond connecting patients to skilled practitioners. We have an important role in our local communities and society at large. We are focused on:

  1. Advancing health outcomes through medical research, clinical teaching and training
  2. A global approach to preventable healthcare
  3. Supporting local communities
  4. Responsible sourcing and ethical supply chains.
A community approach to
healthcare innovation

We are investing in leading medical research and supporting clinical trials to advance patient and community outcomes.

Focusing on cause and prevention

We are partnering with a focus on preventative healthcare and mental health.

Supporting local communities

We are continuing to support local communities and promoting awareness of the importance of health and wellbeing.

Responsible sourcing

We will work with our suppliers to reduce the risk of modern slavery practices and identify opportunities to reduce the environmental impact of the value chain.

Our Ramsay Cares targets

  1. Continuing to facilitate leading medical research and clinical trials in our facilities to advance patient and community outcomes
  2. Partnering with a focus on preventative health care and mental health
  3. Support local communities and promoting awareness of the importance of health and wellbeing
  4. Achieve sustainability assessments covering 80% of external supplier spend by 2026*

*Targets related to wholly-owned entities.

Health research

Our values motivate us to constantly improve and find new and better ways of caring. That is why we support a wide range of health and medical research aimed at elevating the health and wellbeing of our patients and society as a whole.

Investing in preventative healthcare and lifechanging research, teaching and training is part of our commitment to supporting stronger, healthier communities.

Across Ramsay, we encourage a positive culture of research that can explore ideas, communicate best practice and contribute to outstanding healthcare around the world.  Our global Community of Practice for research leaders and experts enables them to share knowledge, experience, tools and approaches across our network of facilities and services.

  1. The Ramsay Hospital Research Foundation supports high quality research projects that improve patient outcomes and address key determinants of health linked to intergenerational change.
  2. The Ramsay Santé Foundation promotes preventative health care and focuses on innovation.

Community activity

Our responsibility goes beyond connecting patients to skilled practitioners. We have an important role in serving society-at-large.

Ramsay supports local and global communities in a wide range of ways, including

• Making high quality healthcare more accessible through facilities in a growing number of regional cities and towns
• Providing local job opportunities, promoting economic growth and regional stability
• Contributing to scientific and medical research capacity, building knowledge and partnerships
• Supporting important community causes, charities, awareness and education campaigns.

Paul Ramsay Foundation 

Our founder, Paul Ramsay, passed away on 1 May 2014, bequeathing $3 billion to the Paul Ramsay Foundation - the largest philanthropic foundation in Australia.

The foundation is a large shareholder of Ramsay Health Care, meaning that 18.8% of the profits paid to our shareholders by way of dividend are directed back into charitable causes funded by the foundation.

Find out more at

Ramsay Hospital Research Foundation
Supporting clinical trials and health research to improve the health of our patients and the community.
Ramsay Santé Corporate Foundation
Partnering with start-ups, charities and community groups to promote and advance preventative healthcare.
Paul Ramsay Foundation
Helping to end cycles of disadvantage in Australia by enabling equitable opportunity for people and communities to thrive.